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June 15, 2013
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"Well done everybody, that was brilliant!" Prof Kirkland announced. Mr Kirkland was your English professor and the object of %70 of the schools female population. Including yours. Possibly some of the boys as well.
Today was the fist day of your Sixth-form play, you'd been helping out back stage with about five other students and the Professor himself.
The play was over for the night and Mr Kirkland was giving out one of many pep-talks.

"Remember that without us, there would be no show. So I'll see you all tomorrow! I assume you all have a lift to get home."
A chorus of yeahs, excluding your own. Everyone proceeded to gather their things and leave.
You were relieved to be going home really, it had been a long day, now all you had to do was walk home and fall into bed. You'd only just made it to the building exit when you heard someone calling after you.

"[Name] could I talk to you for a second?" You turned to see Prof Kirkland, locking up the prop room.
"Sure, what is it?" Your voice a little shaky, were you in trouble?
"I was hoping you could come in earlier tomorrow, it just that one of the back drops got damaged tonight and I'm going to need some help fixing it." He smiled at you as he dropped his keys into his coat pocket and began walking towards you.

"I guess so, should I just stay behind after class instead." Obviously you jumped at the chance of spending time with your favourite teacher.
"Great, anyway you get off, don't want to keep your parents waiting."
"Oh, my parents are working late. I'm walking home."

Worry instantly hit his face, his smile flopped to a frown.
"Its rather late, how far are you going?"
"Its only a twenty minute walk." You smiled, completely used to the trip.
"Still, I can't imagine is very safe to be wondering through town at this time. Perhaps I sho-"

"YO! KIRKY!" Mr Jones interrupted from the other end of the hall. "We totally need to talk!"

The English man gave you an apologetic smile as he backed up to the drama teacher. "One moment."

You took this time to make your leave. The sooner you reached home, the better.

This time skip has been brought to you by the mintyness of flying bunnies~!

You'd hadn't gotten 5 five minutes away from the school when a car horn caused you to jump. A moment later a Rolls Royce pulled up just further up the road. The window rolled down and a familiar face popped through.
"Hello again Miss [Last Name]. I was going to ask, before I was so rudely interrupted, would you let me drive you home?"

Unsure what to say you simply nodded your head and sped up to reach his car.
"Wait a second." He rolled up the window, jumped out of his side and crossed over to you to hold the door open for you.
Already feeling a blush hit your cheeks you stared down at you feet as you climbed in.
"Thank you." You whispered.
"You're very welcome." He replied as he closed your door then walked back to the drivers seat.

"So, where exactly do you live?"
You quickly gave him your address and soon were on your way home.
The car was silent for a few minutes as you looked around the car. The back seat was packed with stacks of paper, you assumed for work, homework or assignment sheet.
The front was much more organised. The only clutter being your bag, his brief case and his ipod plugged into a small docking station.

He must have spotted you looking at it because the next thing he said was; "You can pick a song if you like?"
Warily you picked up the music player and were some what unsurprised to see a Union Jack printed on the back of it.
Suppressing a giggle you began to flick through the songs on his play list. You noticed the artists were majority British. This didn't surprise you ether, it was no secret that the man was very proud of his British heritage.

You failed to suppress another giggle when you noticed a lot songs by The Sex Pistols. The image of your English teacher rocking out to 'God save the queen' was one that would stick with you for a while.
"What's so funny?" He asked looking slightly worried.
"Nothing, nothing." You grinned.
Eventually you settled on 'My Generation'.
At first you watched out the window as the music filled the car, until you heard the Profs voice seemingly singing along under his breath.
Not wanting to stop him you kept your eyes on the passing houses until a good opening popped up.

"Why don't you all f-fade away~" You began, just as quiet as him.
You spotted him giving you a sideways glance, followed by a small grin.
You both continued.

"and don't try to dig what we all s-s-say~
Talkin' about my generation~"

By the end of the song you'd both given up being subtle and were now singing at the top of your lungs,"the way 'my generation' should be sung." He commented when the song completely finished.
Both of you began to laugh, until you noticed your house getting rapidly closer.
"So, um, will someone be picking you up tomorrow, or the rest of the week for that matter?" He questioned, presumably worried for your well being.
"No, my parents usually work late, I don't mind walking really." You told him.
"Nonsense, a young lady like yourself shouldn't be out on the streets at this time." He almost snapped. "It seems I'll have to drive you home for the rest of the week." He insisted as he pulled the car up outside your house.

"If you don't mind that is." He looked at you for approval which you happily gave with a nod.
"Good, now wait there." He flashed you another smile as he hoped out from his seat and rushed around to open your door once more.
"You don't have to do that you know." You told him as you stepped out of the car, bag in hand.
"I couldn't call myself a gentleman if I didn't." He told you, closing the door and locking the car.
"Well, thank you Sir."
"Please, call me Arthur when we're not at school." He reached out for your arm, which you gladly gave him, your cheeks turning red once more. Was it okay for teachers to do this sort of thing? Ether way you were still pretty happy.

It only took a second to reach the front door, you quickly unlocked it and stepped into the door frame.
"Well, thanks again Pr-Arthur. For everything." You smiled, unsure what else to do with yourself now.
"My pleasure. I shall see you tomorrow then [Name]."
"Yeah, bu-bye."
"Goodbye." You watched as he turned and headed for his car, he slipped back into the drivers set, waved through the window and was gone.

Once he'd left you practically slammed your door shut and pressed your head against it. Only now realising you heart was beating a mile a minute.

"Was that even legal?"
I'm basically ritting anything I can to try and destract from the things I should be doing. As Per usual.

Edit: So since a couple of you asked, I'm going to continue this story. There's probably going to be about five parts, one for each night of the week. This on being Monday, that last one being Friday. I'll post the link on here when the next one is up, so keep your eyes peeled.

Hetalia and England - Himaruya
You - Soon to be, Professor Kirklands.
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AkiraSaphire Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
"Was that even legal?"

No. No it's not.

But who caaaaresssss? We're in love with Englaaaaannnnndddddd! :iconsexyengland-plz:
obsessedteen Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
I love this so much!
xXOneHellOfAGamerXx Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
*Shrugs* Sixth Form Would Be Ok.

Then Again, I'm Only In Year ******* So...... *Tee Hee*
RainbowQuack Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No pressure or rudeness intended but I read this quite a number of months ago and you still haven't added any more parts. Might I also ask how old one would be in the sixth grade? I'm British and school's hear don't work the same way as America
interprative-tapas Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
Not Sixth Grade, Sixth Form. I'm also British and in the school I used to attended had had two (optional) second years that you go two once you finished year eleven. Sort of like collage. So I would say any age over 16. 

Sorry, about not updating. I sort of fell out of the Hetalia fandom and haven't written anything additional since. 
RainbowQuack Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! And it's okay, at least you have the talent to write the way you do. I can't write reader inserts
PunkEmoMetal Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Student Photographer
In sixth grade, 10-11. There is the small amount of 12 year olds in the class and that one 13 year old. 
Xxxcats56xxX Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
In NZ year 6 is 11 year old so thats similar
PunkEmoMetal Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Student Photographer
Oh, that's interesting! :3
RainbowQuack Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
wow okay, America is weird
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